Custom Oversized Spray Booths in Australia

In addition to our extensive line of spray booths, our large and oversized spray paint booths for sale in Australia have the same premium design and construction as our automotive spray booth range with physically expanded dimensions to accommodate larger vehicles and machinery.

Designed purposely for the Transport, Aerospace, Defence, Mining, Agricultural, Construction, Marine and Trucking industries, MN Spraybooths manufacture all large and oversized paint booths to whatever your finishing application might be.

In addition to our custom paint booth services, we offer preparation equipment and paint mix rooms of various configurations and a range of accessories that will help maximize the productivity of your workshop and compliment any workspace.


A myriad of options for your oversized truck spray paint booths for sale

Deciding on the right sized truck spray paint booth isn’t always an easy task. From cabin size, height, filtration, airflow and heating system to space constraints, output requirements and budget, MN Spraybooths will work with you to help you determine the right configuration and features that best align to your operational needs.

Our priority is providing you with a paint booth system that provides optimum conditions for projects of all shapes and sizes. We understand each and every client has their own unique requirements and we make it our business to truly understand the needs of our clients. Whether you require a large or oversized paint booth to accommodate trucks, trailers, buses, trains, trams, aircrafts or other large machinery, MN Spraybooths will custom design a solution specific to your large scale painting requirements.

No matter what the industry, we have the right solution for your large spray painting requirements.

We stand ready to answer your questions. Contact our team of professionals on 03 9708 6069 to discuss your exact booth requirements or simply send us an online enquiry and one of our friendly staff will be in touch.

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