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Industry Leaders in Custom Designed Spray Booths

MN Spraybooths deliver affordable and reliable spray paint booths to suit a variety of commercial, industrial and automotive applications. Our full line of spray booths are optimized to deliver a safe, clean and efficient work environment for any operation.

Whether its a low volume body shop or high volume operation, at MN Spraybooths we manufacture premium quality systems that are both affordable and productive for any size operation.

From small micro-booths to large custom finishing solutions, we offer total flexibility in product design and can manufacture to virtually any size and configuration to suit individual business needs, budget and performance requirements.

Built from high grade raw materials sourced from top Australian suppliers, all our paint booths are designed, built and tested to comply with client’s requirements and current Australian standards AS4114 and relevant EPA and OHS guidelines.

When working with MN Spraybooths you are partnering with an industry leader that is dedicated to delivering high quality and energy efficient spray booths. We guarantee on time delivery and installation, short and accurate lead times with impeccable technical support and customer service.

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