VGS Oil Water Separator

VGS Oil Water Separator

Water Regulatory Authorities determine how businesses are allowed to release trade waste water into local sewerage so it is important that businesses are treating oily water in accordance with the local Water Authority’s regulation.

A cost effective and efficient way to treat oily water in accordance to these regulations is to install a Vertical Gravity Separator (VGS). The Vertical Gravity Separator (VGS) is an oil/water separator developed to effectively remove free oil, grease and low density suspended solids from wastewater.

The VGS operates by ingenious control of both fluid velocity and pressure. These forces gently coax nonemulsified impurities from water by allowing high density contaminants to fall into a sludge retaining area at the bottom of the vessel, and oil droplets and low density suspended solids to rise to the top of the vessel. The oil and suspended solids then drain off into a waste tank for disposal.

Acclaimed by major water authorities around the world as “the best technology of its kind”, the VGS can be used as a stand-alone separator or to supplement the performance of existing systems.


  • Panel Shops
  • Car Detailers
  • Mechanical Workshops
  • Car & Truck Wash Facilities
  • Loading Bays



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