CPK McLaren Motorbody

Good Morning Wendy/Mitch,
In searching for a new high-end spray booth I would highly recommend, to anybody, in only purchasing an MN spray booth coupled with the MN ventilated paint mixing room and 3 stage ventilated stainless steel paint mixing bench.

Our company CPK McLaren Motorbody focuses on repairing vehicles to the highest possible standard utilizing a water based refinishing system. Whilst considering a number of quality brands currently in the marketplace, in our opinion, no other brand came close to the service, professionalism, quality or accommodation that Mitch, Wendy & their highly trained crew of employees brought to the table.

For a family smash repair businesses to continue to operate in such a difficult marketplace, it’s prudent to be the best in their area. This includes the use of the best equipment backed by the best service limiting “downtime” and we believe MN Spraybooths have provided just that.

Our appreciation extends from our whole team at CPK McLaren Motorbody.

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