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Spray booth filters impact the job quality and the environment. The efficiency of the booth operation, as well as the resulting quality of the sprayed finish is affected by both the intake and exhaust filters. Clogged filters will cause the booth fans to work harder, decreasing their efficiency and life.

To ensure you are getting optimum performance and best working conditions from your equipment we strongly recommend establishing the right changeover schedule for your spray booth and/or preparation zone.

At MN Spraybooths we specialise in providing premium quality filters for every application. Our range of products provide a safe, dust free and environmentally friendly work area while reducing overspray exiting into the atmosphere.

With our quick change-out system, installing and replacing paint filters is a breeze. Regardless of the size or dimensions of your booth, our selection of quality products will be able to accommodate your needs.

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Many clients from a wide range of industries entrust our products due to their uncompromising quality and simplistic functionality. This drive for delivering premium level products also extends to our automotive, industrial and truck spray booths, maintenance plans and after sales technical support services.

For all general enquiries, expert advice and technical support contact our team on 03 9708 6069, alternatively you can send us a message online and one of our staff will respond to your inquiry.

Readily available for nationwide distribution, MN Spraybooths offers a wide range of filters for all booth designs and preparation zones of various makes and models.

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Exhaust Thickness Efficiency Dust Holding Capacity
3D Polycomb Pocket 20mm  99.48% 2908g
Glassfibre 50mm 94% 3500g
Cardboard 15mm 70% 20kg
Mintec 600G 25mm 99% 400g
S10 Pre-filter 20mm 75-80% 400g
Activated Carbon 10mm 75% 300g


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